Mobility to Spain

In November 2019, it took place the first mobility in the Spanish school (Acadèmia Igualada). So much so that 19 students and 14 teachers from several countries: England, Greece, Italy, Finland and Portugal became part of it. This exchange topic was “ICT is a must for literacy”, including learning and leisure activities.

Monday 25th November: students and teachers attended the welcoming ceremony in the school gym. It consisted of a presentation and some traditional dances from different regions of Spain. They also took part in a tour through the school in charge of the oldest students. While teachers were gathered in a meeting, students could attend regular classes. Therefore, in the afternoon they visited a traditional local group called “Moixiganguers”. They explained and showed how they build “human towers”, a very important tradition in this area. After that, students spent the evening with their host families and teachers had dinner in the city centre.

Tuesday 26th November: Erasmus visitors spent the day visiting Barcelona. In the morning they participated in a guided bus tour which took them to the main places. They had the chance to visit the inside of “La Sagrada Familia”. After lunch students and teachers had a good time walking through “El Poble Espanyol”, a park which reproduces some typical Spanish regions architecture. When they came back to Igualada, students could have a quiet evening with their host families and teachers enjoyed a relaxed dinner in the centre.

Wednesday 27th November: students attended an Arts & Crafts workshop while teachers had a training session for “Imovie” and “Easelly” apps. Later, all together visited the City Hall in order to meet Igualada authorities. Afterwards, they had a walk throughout the city stopping in the most emblematic places. In the afternoon students could join an outdoors sport session while teachers were attending the last meeting. Students spent the evening with their host families and teachers enjoyed a nice dinner all together.

Thursday 28th November: the farewell event took place in the morning and, after this, they visited “Montserrat”. Students and teachers could contemplate the beautiful views while they were walking to the monastery. They got
in it and spent some time admiring the artworks. After having lunch, they headed for the cellar “Freixenet”. A guided visit was offered throughout the facilities so that they could know the process to obtain wine and “cava”. Once they arrived to Igualada, students spent their last evening with their host families and teachers had their last dinner in the city centre.