Mobility to Finland

In February 2020, it was time for Metsäkylä school to host Erasmus+ visitors from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and England. All in all, we had 12 adults and 24 students for a visit. Our guests arrived on Sunday, February 9th, and they left on Friday, February 14th. The theme for this mobility was “Finding a Literacy Digital Escape”.

For this week, our guests participated in project activities, cultural activities, and leisure activities. Our schedule was as follows:

On Monday (Feb. 10th, 2020), we had a welcoming party in the school gym with music performances, country presentations, project logo competition results and a Santa’s visit. Erasmus students attended regular classes with our students and we teachers had a project meeting. Students spent the evening with the host families and the teachers attended an Erasmus dinner in Tampere.

Santa’s gifts, Monday

On Tuesday (Feb. 11th, 2020), Erasmus students continued attending classes with Finnish students. The teachers had a training session for creating a Digital Escape. In the afternoon, the visitors tried out Action Track inside the school building. Later, the visitors were able to observe lessons, play board games, etc. In the evening, we all met in the school cafeteria for a cultural evening. The evening’s activities were for our visitors, the host families and school staff. We had a potluck dinner with Finnish delicacies and cultural sharing with short performances from each country.

Cultural evening, Tuesday

Outdoors, Tuesday

On Wednesday (Feb. 12th, 2020), our Erasmus visitors visited Tampere. We had a guided tour at Moomin Museum with a workshop where everyone learned how to make a book cover. After lunch, we continued our Tampere visit to the main library, Metso. Our visitors enjoyed a guided tour and learned about the Finnish library system. Later, the students and teachers had some shopping time. The students were picked up by the host families and the teachers enjoyed a night out. Some attended a Finnish ice hockey match at Hakametsä, while others continued enjoying the city.

Visiting library, Wednesday

Workshop at Moomin museum, Wednesday

Ready for ice hockey, Wednesday

On Thursday (Feb. 13th, 2020), we organized three workshops to our visitors: baking with Johanna, music with Siiri and crafts with Sanna-Mari. The workshops lasted the whole school day. Afterwards, we got together at the school library for a short farewell. Our visitors took time to evaluate their visit to Finland, and we gave them some Finnish treats to take home. The students enjoyed the last night with their host families and the teachers went to Kaupinoja for winter swimming and after that a dinner at their hotel. On Friday (Feb. 14th, 2020), it was time to say goodbye and wish for a safe trip home. Thank you for the visit, everyone!

Craft workshop, Thursday

Baking workshop, Thursday