Agrupamento de Escolas Fernando Casimiro Pereira da Silva, Portugal

We are an innovative school of 1150 pupils, from 3 to 15 years old, and about 150 teachers. The school is located in a rural area with different cultural and socio-economic levels, 75 kms from our capital city, Lisbon, and 30 kms from the Atlantic coast. The school mission is to give the community the best education service possible. The school is known for its open minded approach, humanism and high standards of care. We aim to improve the standards of pupils’ achievements, develop students mindset and lead in progress and autonomy.

City of Rio Maior

The municipality of Rio Maior has around 22 thousand inhabitants and is located very close to the sea (Atlantic Ocean). It is a rural area that depends on agriculture and the food industry. The municipality has invested in the development of sport, having an international internship center and different infrastructures which has led to it being called the sport city.

Salt Pans

Local Library

Municipal Garden

Municipal Stadium and Training Ground

Beach near by